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AABS Book Prize – Previous Recipients


Guntis Smidchens’ The Power of Song: Nonviolent National Culture in the Baltic Singing Revolution (University of Washington Press)





Ellen Cassedy, We are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust (University of Nebraska Press)

Aldis Purs, Baltic Facades: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania since 1945 (Reaktion Books—Contemporary Worlds)




Andres Kasekamps’ A History of the Baltic States (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)

Andrejs Plakans’ A Concise History of the Baltic States (Cambridge University Press, 2011)




Laima Laučkaitė, Art in Vilnius 1900 -1915 (Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 2008)




Katrina Z.S. Schwartz, Nature and National Identity after Communism: Globalizing the Ethnoscape (U of Pittsburgh P, 2006).

Iveta Silova, From Sites of Occupation to Symbols of Multiculturalism: Reconceptualizing Minority Education in Post-Soviet Latvia (IAP, 2006).

Honorable Mention: Jeff Johnson: The New Theatre of the Baltics: From Soviet to Western Influence in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (McFarland, 2007)


John Hiden, Defender of Minorities: Paul Shiemann, 1876-1944. London: Hurst, 2004.

Honorable Mention: Magnus Ilmjärv, Silent Submission: Formation of Foreign Policy of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Period From Mid-20s to Annexation in 1940. Stockholm: Univerversitet Stockholms, 2004.