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Are the conferences open to the public?

Anyone interested in current scholarship on the Baltic countries is welcome to attend the AABS conference.  All attendees must register for the conference.  More information about our upcoming conferences is available here.

Does AABS fund scholarly research?

AABS awards annual grants to support dissertation research, emerging scholars and Latvian scholars who want to study in the United States.  More information about our grants is available here.

How do I submit an article to the Journal of Baltic Studies?

The Journal of Baltic Studies is published four times a year by Routledge.  Guidelines for submitting articles is available here.

Is membership open to anyone interested in the Baltic countries?

Membership in the AABS is open to anyone wishing to support the scholarly goals of the Association. Persons joining the AABS need not be engaged in scholarly work.  More information about membership is available here.

What are Baltic Studies?

Baltic Studies encompass the study of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the fields of the history, politics, literature, cultures, economics, law, environment and more.  More broadly, Baltic studies situates these three countries in the Baltic Sea region, in Europe and in the world.