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Learn Baltic Languages in the Summer

In partnership with a consortium of universities, the Baltic Studies Summer Institute (BALSSI), Indiana University will offer intensive Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian at the beginning and intermediate levels in Summer 2019. A wide range of scholarships are available. Applications are due in February 2019.

Baltic Studies Conference in Europe | Gdansk, 26-29 June 2019

Join us in Charlotte in 2020!

Most recent articles

2008-2009 AABS Book Prize Recipients

Posted on Jul 1, 2009

Laima Laučkaitė, Art in Vilnius 900-1915 (Vilnius: Baltos Lankos, 2008) According to the recommendation by the AABS reviewers, Art in Vilnius is a “pioneering study in art history and the city of Vilnius. It presents Vilnius as a multicultural city in which different ethnic-national cultures overlap but also pursue their own agendas, and it is beautifully illustrated.” The review noted that the period 1900-1915 is a crucial one both for the development of art and for the development of national identity in the city. “What is particularly interesting is the book’s sophisticated approach which begins with different national groups producing art in the city (Poles, Lithuanians, Jews, Russians), then...

2006-2007 AABS Book Prize Recipients

Posted on Jul 1, 2007

Katrina Z.S. Schwartz Nature and National Identity after Communism: Globalizing the Ethnoscape (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2008) Iveta Silova From Sites of Occupation to Symbols of Multiculturalism: Reconceptualizing Minority Education in Post-Soviet Latvia (IAP, 2006) Honorable Mention: Jeff Johnson The New Theatre of the Baltic States: From Soviet to Western Influence in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (McFarland,...

2004-2005 AABS Book Prize Recipients

Posted on Jul 1, 2005

John Hiden, Defender of Minorities: Paul Shiemann, 1876-1944 (London: Hurst, 2004) Honorable mention: Magnus Ilmjärv Silent Submission: Formation of Foreign Policy of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Period from Mid-20s to Annexation in 1940 (Stockholm: Universitet Stockholms,...