AABS 2022 in Seattle

The 28th Biennial AABS Conference
“Baltic Studies at a Crossroads”

May 27–29, 2022, Seattle, WA

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have marked 100 years of independence, 100 years of de jure international recognition, and 30 years of the reestablishment of independence following a half century of Soviet rule. While acknowledging the past, the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies Conference in 2022 will look toward the future to explore how the Baltic States will move forward into the next century, as a crossroads between Europe and Asia, Nordic and Eastern Europe. Similarly, the field of Baltic Studies is at a crossroads between new and old diaspora communities negotiating the implications of what it means to advance the study and research of the Baltic States into the next century.

The conference will build on the deep connections with the Baltic Studies and the Baltic Communities in the Pacific Northwest. The University of Washington (UW) is the only Baltic Studies Program in North America, offering courses in all three Baltic languages and different aspects of Baltic Studies. The conference will promote intersections of academic disciplines, scholarship, and community by focusing on the implications for the Baltic States in the future at the crossroads of different regions, cultures, religions, and historical perspectives. We will discuss the role of Baltic Studies in the next century as Soviet legacies fade and European futures are solidified. How does the region fit into larger European and transnational trends? What types of innovations do we see in the Baltic States? Where are the Baltic States headed in the future? The conference will showcase the latest cutting-edge Baltic research and highlight connections to local diaspora and the tech industry in the Pacific Northwest.

The conference will bring together scholars interested in Baltic studies from all over the world and foster collaboration between Baltic and Pacific Northwest researchers. The three-day program, to be held at the University of Washington campus May 27-29, 2022, will feature panels, roundtable discussions and workshops open to all UW affiliates. The conference will also include numerous public events, such as keynote talks by leading Baltic scholars, film screenings, exhibit openings and tours of UW’s Baltic collections.

Call for Papers

The conference is organized by the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS) and the Baltic Studies Program at the University of Washington. With more than 200 scholars and graduate students participating, AABS conferences are the largest international Baltic conferences in the world. We invite papers and submissions on a variety of topics and formats (paper, panel, roundtable, book discussion roundtable, film screening, workshop with a conference).

The deadline for submissions was November 1, 2021.

If you submitted a paper proposal you will hear back from our division co-chairs in January 2022!