A Passion for Better Science and Innovation Policies

Jan 17, 2015

Anete Vitola, University of Latvia is the recipient of the 2015 Mudīte I. Zīlīte Saltups Postgraduate and Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

anete-vitolaMy research is about science and innovation policy. I have finalized my dissertation research on multi-level science and innovation policy mixes in the European Union. I’m interested in continuing my research in other contexts than the EU. While attention to science and innovation policy typically focuses on the national level, in the United States it is often intergovernmental, involving state governments, industry labs, and university research units.  My plan for the short term research visit will be to interact with science and innovation policy researchers in the U.S. regarding this complex intergovernmental setting, and also to share the results of my dissertation research and plans for future research directions. I will perform my research at the School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech. Specific activities of the short term research visit will include interviews with researchers at School of Public Policy, at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The purpose of these interviews will be to discuss research on multi-level governance and devolution in science and innovation policy in the United States, and to address differences and similarities in the European and American contexts. I also plan to take advantage of the library resources at Georgia Tech in order to extend my own literature review work and develop a foundation for my on-going research.  I will present my dissertation research results in the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy Speaker series, as well as at the Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy to be held on September 17-19, 2015.