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Baltic Studies Newsletter

The AABS publishes the Baltic Studies Newsletter, an annual print newsletter highlighting recent news about Baltic studies all over the world and the activities of the AABS, including Baltic conferences, language workshops, grants and fellowships, and awards.
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Baltic Studies Newsletter 2023

In Solidarity with Ukraine: The State of Baltic Studies Today / AABS Activities / News from JBS / Kasekamp Returns to Leadership Role / The Future of AABS and Baltic Studies / Baltic Ways Podcast / Continuing Support for Ukrainian Scholars / CBSE 2023 Reflections, Highlights, Experiences, and Photos / Grants and Awards / BALSSI Report / Wingate University Library’s Baltic Reading Room / AABS 2024 Conference

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2022

New Borad Members / Welcome Ben Gardner-Gill / In Solidarity with Ukraine / AABS Activities / Report from Treasurer / News from JBS / AABS Has Emerged Stronger from the Pandemic / Policy on Issuing Public Statements / Baltic Ways Podcast / AABS 2022 Conference Moments, Reflections, Plenaries / Grants and Awards / Ukrainian Scholars Share Impacts of War on Teaching, Research, and Life

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2021

President’s Report / AABS Activities / Treasurer’s Report / JBS Report / Thought-Provoking Finds in JBS / Interview with CBSE Organizers / AABS Conference / Baumanis Grant Feature: “WorkAndFun” / 2021 Grant and Fellowship Awardees / Reflections from 2020 Grant Recipients / Podcast “Baltic Ways” / BALSSI 2021 / Finding a New Voice During the Pandemic

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2020

2020-2022 Board of Directors; AABS Outgoing President’s Annual Report; Overview of AABS Activities; 2020 Conference Report; Journal of Baltic Studies Report; AABS Recognizes Excellence in Publications; 2020 Grant & Fellowship Awardees; Q&A: 2019 Grant Awardees Share Insights; AABS Recognizes Best Undergraduate Papers; KGB Surveillance in the Soviet Baltic Republics; Notes from the Quarantine; BALSSI Moves Online for Summer 2020; AABS Incoming President’s Annual Report

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2019

AABS at 50 / Baltic Countries at 100 / Baltic Studies Today; 2019 AABS Grant & Fellowship Awards; 8 Great Weeks of Baltic Languages and Culture; Australaisan Chapter 19th Conference: 100th Anniversary of Baltic Independence; Comments: Learned Societies and the ACLS, 2016 AABS Conference; Introducing Liisi Esse, New AABS Administrative Executive Director; Highlights of May 2018 Board Meeting, Stanford University; Treasurer’s Report; Photos from the 2018 AABS Conference at Stanford University

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2018

Founding the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies; From the archives: The Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies: A proposal; The 2018 AABS Conference at Stanford University: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Baltic Independence; AABS Board Gathers in Chicago for Fall Meeting; 2018 AABS Grant & Fellowship Awards; American Council of Learned Societies and AABS; Treasurer’s Report

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2017

AABS grants support Baltic Studies; Treasurer’s report: review & future planning; New administrative executive director; 18th AABS Conference in Melbourne, Australia; #AABS2016 boded well for #AABS2018

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2016

AABS Board meets in Philadelphia; Russian-Baltic Relations Today: Politics in Light of Ukraine; AABS Member News; Student Perspective: Sveika, Riga; Feature: The Baltic States as Models for Ukraine; AABS 2016 Conference Coming Together; Journal of Baltic Studies Report; List of AABS Donors; Support the 2016 conference; Treasurer’s Report: Review and Future Planning

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2015

Remembering AABS’s first president, Gundar King; Philanthropist Galējs-Dravnieks bequest supports Baltic scholars; AABS member news; BALSSI students reflect on language learning, summer; Preparations underway for 2016 AABS Conference at Penn; Language revitalization in Estonia; ‘No home to go to’ exhibit hits Philadelphia; AABS at ACLS in the city of brotherly love; OSU hosts 2015 Scandinavian Studies conference in Columbus; AABS grant opportunities; Support the 2016 conference; AABS 2016 – Call for papers

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2014

Introspection in an Era of Globalization: The State of Baltic Studies; Scholars of Baltic region, Scandinavia gather at Yale University; Baltic Studies at Stanford University Libraries; Reflections of AABS Conference; AABS Awards Book Prize to Cassedy, Purs; Remebering Dzidra Rodiņa; Power of Poetry: Venclova Shares at Conference; Report on American Council of Learned Sciences

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2013

Reflections on Post-Baltic Identities; Reports from AABS Grant Recipients; Sustainable Architecture: Theory and Practice; Researching Innovation in the U.S. and the Baltic Countries; U.S. Student Programs in Estonia; Exploring the Singing Revolution in Estonia; New Exchange Program with University of Tartu;
2014 AABS Conference; Food as a Lens for Studying the Baltic Region; Member News

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2012

Baltic Studies at the Crossroads; The Global Baltics: The Next Twenty Years; Transitions, Visions and Beyond, Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe; Scandinavian Studies: The Past 100 Years, The Next 100 Years; Teaching Baltic Languages in North America; And More

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2011

Vėjas Liulevičius. Impressions on the 2010 Conference on Baltic Studies; Aldis Purs. Report on the 22nd Conference on Baltic Studies, Seattle, 2010; Guntis Šmidchens. Substitute speech, Baltic Studies luncheon, April 24, 2010; Jordan Kuck, Thoughts about the 2010 AABS – SASS Conference; Delaney Skerrett, A Look at the 2010 Conference from Down Under; News and Notes, Baltic Studies in North America; And More

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2010

Convergences in Baltic Studies: Past, Present and Future; Andrejs Plakans. Twelfth Conference on Baltic Studies; Preparations for SASS-AABS Conference; Aldis Purs, Dancing Shoes and Common Approaches; Upcoming Conferences and events; Michael Biggins. Baltic Studies Collections in North American Research Libraries; Guntis Šmidchens. US-Baltic Fulbright Scholars Exchanges, 1993-2009; And More

Baltic Studies Newsletter 2009

Guntis Šmidchens, Advancing Baltic Studies in the AABS; Discussion Forum: film Singing Revolution; Conferences; Resources in the Baltic Studies; Upcoming Conferences and Events; AABS Annual Report, 2007-2008; Fellowships, Grants and Awards