JBS, Volume 46, Issue 4, 2015

Jan 17, 2016

The most recent issue of the Journal of Baltic Studies features the following articles:

“Baltic Refugees and Policy Formation in Sweden 1940–1950” by Anu Mai Kõll

“Soviet Refugees to Sweden 1941–1947 and the Raoul Wallenberg Case” by Johan Matz

“Leaving the ESSR: Sweden’s Attempts at Repatriating the Estonian-Swedes from Soviet-Controlled Estonia, 1940–1941” by Glenn Eric Kranking

“The Paradox of National Language Acquisition: Russian Speakers’ Labor Market Positions in Estonia” by Marianne Leppik & Triin Vihalemm

Kalevipoeg: Aspects of Genre and Authorship” by Arne Merilai

“Home Environments, Memories, and Life Stories: Preservation of Estonian National Identity” by Jaak Rakfeldt