Chris Shabow | Beginning Estonian BALSSI 2015

Sep 7, 2015

Schabow_Estonia_2014I am not of Baltic descent, but I discovered an interest in Estonian history and a passion for its culture while in grad school. When I discovered the BALSSI program, I decided to take a chance with the language. I looked forward with eager anticipation to the start of the classes. The first week passed by in a blur as I emerged into the mysterious world of the Estonian language. Every moment was focused on absorbing a deluge of information and attempting to remember what we learned in the weeks before. As I struggled to master Estonian vocabulary and grammar, Liina-Ly proved to be the most patient and compassionate instructor. After classes ended, I was reading an article on Estonia’s Song Festival tradition. Midway through, I noticed I wasn’t stumbling over the Estonian words peppered throughout, and I smiled. This summer is only the beginning of what will be a long and fulfilling journey.