Margarita Safronova | Intermediate Latvian @ BALSSI 2015

Sep 7, 2015

safranovaBALSSI provides an excellent opportunity to learn a language and interact with fellow scholars who are interested in the region. As a doctoral student who studies the post-Soviet states, I was looking for an intense language course to prepare me for research in Latvia. Enrollment at BALSSI was the ideal opportunity to improve my knowledge of Latvian. The six-week session was rigorous but effective. By the end of the program, I was eager to converse in Latvian. However, the benefits of the program extend beyond the classroom. During the six weeks, students from different disciplines and backgrounds had a chance to interact and learn about culture, history, and values of Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian nations. Learning songs and traditions of different countries contributed to a better understanding of the Baltic states. In addition, the lectures by visiting scholars provided cross-disciplinary perspectives about prominent issues in the region. The students had a chance to speak directly to the visiting scholars, adding to the well-rounded curriculum. BALSSI courses helped me revive and further develop my comprehension of the Latvian language.