Film Festival at AABS 2016 Conference

Apr 9, 2016

Featuring six short films from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Saturday, May 28, at 7:00.
Screening at Slought, 4017 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3513

10-min-older-webmekas-hare-krishna-webSeries curator Jule Rozite is a film programmer from Latvia who received her film education in Glasgow, Scotland, and Vienna, Austria. She moved to New York in fall 2011.

cold-springs-film-webKastrats-film-webRozite’s festival credits include the Glasgow Short Film Festival, the Stockholm Film Festival, the Hamptons Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival.


Ten Minutes Older (Par desmit minūtēm vecāks), Herz Frank (Latvia, 1978), 10 min.
Iconic Latvian documentarian, Herz Frank, captures all the emotions and joy that cinema can evoke by focusing solely on one young boy’s face during a show.


St. John’s Day (Jaanipäev), Andres Sööt (Estonia, 1978), 20 min.
An insightful meditation on the loss of tradition during the stagnant Brezhnev years, filmed by Sööt on Midsummer’s Day in Tallinn.


Hare Krishna, Jonas Mekas (Lithuania/USA, 1966), 5 min.
Jonas Mekas observes New York street culture and traditions by featuring a group of Hare Krishnas in this kaleidoscopic short film.


Ivan’s Day (Ivanipäev), Ivan Pavljutskov (Estonia, 2014) 30 min.
Pavljutskov explores identity and traditions in modern day Estonia by following one couple over the  course of Midsummer’s Day as they prepare for the evening’s celebration.


Castratus the Boar (Kastrāts kuilis), Lauris Ābele & Raitis Ābele (Latvia, 2014), 21 min.
The directors muse on life and masculinity in a small-town in Latvia, infusing their observations with choral music and an aesthetic that adds a beautifully surreal layer to the protagonist’s otherwise  mundane existence.


Cold Springs (Šalti šaltiniai), Giedrė Narušytė Boots (Lithuania, 2015), 5 min.
Cold Springs is a peaceful experimental animation about the changing of seasons, infused with nostalgia and Lithuanian folk traditions.