2020 Birnitis, Grundmanis, Saltups, Emerging Scholar, and Dissertation Awardees Announced

Mar 24, 2020

This year, AABS received twenty-six solid applications for its Birnitis, Grundmanis, Saltups, Emerging Scholar, and Dissertation grants and fellowships. Ineta Dabašinskienė, AABS’ Vice President for Professional Development, reports that the higher number of applications (compared with 11 in 2019) is a convincing sign from young people around the Western world (USA, Canada, Europe) showing their growing interest in Baltic Studies and also the increasing awareness of grants and fellowships offered by AABS.

AABS has always had to make difficult decisions during the selection process as the vast majority of proposals present impressively interesting, credible, and meaningful research topics covering but not limited to issues of identity, citizenship, gender, migration, and trauma studies. Moreover, most of the proposals take an interdisciplinary approach and apply diverse methodologies. AABS thanks all scholars and students who submitted their applications and wishes them success in their studies and research.

The AABS Board is pleased to announce that eight scholars and graduate students have been awarded the following 2020 grants and fellowships.
The Aina Birnitis Dissertation-Completion Fellowship in the Humanities for Latvia

Martins Laizans

University of Latvia

For the proposed research project, Neo-Latin Heritage of the Livonian Basilius Plinius: Poetics, Rhetoric, Esthetics

Jānis Grundmanis Postgraduate Fellowship for Study in the U. S.

Krisjanis Mazurs

Stanford University

For graduate studies at Stanford University

Mudīte I. Zīlīte Saltups Postgraduate and Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Jānis Šiliņš

Latvian State historical Archives

For the proposed research project, Immigrants from the historical Latvian territories to Pennsylvania

Research Grants for Emerging Scholars

Dainius Genys

Vytautas Magnus University

For the proposed research project, Mapping emotional (ine)qualities in the Baltic States

Kädi Talvoja

Estonian Academy of Arts

For the proposed research project, Baltic Art Triennials and major national exhibitions in Moscow during the Soviet era

Dissertation Grants for Graduate Students

Noel Foster

Princeton University

For the proposed research project, Polarization and Paralysis: Russian Information Operations in Estonia and Latvia

Clinton Glenn

McGill University

For the proposed research project, “Mes esame žmonės – ne propaganda (We are people – not propaganda)”: Baltic Pride and the Symbolic Geographies of the Baltic Capitals

Justina Smalkytė

The Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po)

For the proposed research project, Resisting Nazism: Gender and Inter-ethnic Relations in German-occupied Lithuania (1941–1944)

Mārtiņš Kaprāns: Saltups Fellowship Report

AABS is pleased to recognize Mārtiņš Kaprāns for his fulfillment of the 2022–2023 Mudīte I. Zīlīte Saltups Fellowship, a short-term study or research grant for up to eight weeks of study in the United States with a maximum stipend of $10,000.©Mārtiņš Kaprāns, 2023...