Vilis Vītols Article Prize Winners for 2016 and 2017

Aug 12, 2018

AABS awards the Vilis Vītols prize to the best article each year published in the Journal of Baltic Studies.

2017 Prize: “Liberals and nationalism: E. H. Carr, Walter Lippmann and the Baltic States from 1918 to 1944” by Kaarel Piirimäe.

The review committee commented that this “article that touches on all three Baltic states, but in its discussions of geopolitics and the history of the perceptions of nationalism, it has implications beyond the field of Baltic studies. It is also well written and accessible to non-specialists.”

2016 Prize: JBS 47/1, A Postcolonial View on Soviet Era Baltic Cultures (special issue) edited by Epp Annus.

In awarding the 2016 prize to a special issue of the Journal of Baltic Studies, the committee commended it as “a theoretically rich collection of articles exploring three Baltic states.”