Congratulations to Sandro Bozzolo, recipient of the 2022–2023 Baumanis Grant for Creative Projects in Baltic Studies

Jul 21, 2022

The Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies is pleased to announce that Sandro Bozzolo has been awarded the 2022-2023 Baumanis Grant for Creative Projects in Baltic Studies.

The project proposes an experimental ethnography, between videomaking, narrative ethnography and art. Due to their contemporary history and to their geopolitical position, after 1990 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania became ‘space of possibilities’ for the exploration of new collective identities. The rise of new urban cultures, together with a rich legacy in traditions and folklore, create a peculiar proposal for alternative visions of the future.

The goal is to explore the inner side of these alternative futures, through the eyes of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian contemporary artists. As so-called Environmental art plays an important role in the process, the research will be undertaken by foot, following the E11 long distance hiking route named “Miško takas”, “Mežtaka” or “Metsa matkarada”. The final outcome will be an experimental documentary.

The Baumanis Grant is an award made to honor Velta Marija Baumanis of Mount Brydges, Ontario, who left a generous bequest to AABS at the end of her career as an architect. An award of up to $7,000 is available for any creative project (e.g., book, film, exhibit, etc.) that promotes Baltic studies. Preference is given to topics with a pan-Baltic or comparative aspect. Applicants must be members of the AABS at the time of application.

The 2022 applications were evaluated by the AABS 2021-2022 Grants and Awards Committee consisting of AABS VP for Professional Development Dr. Ineta Dabašinskienė, AABS President Dr. Daunis Auers, and AABS Director-at-Large Dr. Andres Kasekamp.

© Sandro Bozzolo

Sandro Bozzolo holds a PhD in Migrations and Intercultural Processes (University of Genoa) and a Master in Social Communication and Urban Documentary. He has directed several documentaries and short movies, including Ilmurràn – Maasai in the Alps (Best Italian Doc “Libero Bizzarri 2016”). His first feature film, Nijole, has been distributed in Lithuania and Colombia. Bozzolo authored the books A Raccontare la luce, about Italian pioneers of cine in Colombia Francesco and Vincenzo Di Domenico (2017), Ilmurràn – Maasai in the Alps (2015) and Un sindaco fuori del comune. Storia di Antanas Mockus, Supercittadino di Bogotà (2012). He has led the journalistic research project in Senegal, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana, funded by European Journalist Centre. His reportages appeared on the Italians and international newsrooms. Bozzolo’s last project, Innesti – the Tale of Grafts, is currently under production.