The Baumanis Grant for Creative Projects in Baltic Studies

The Baumanis Grant is an award made to honor Velta Marija Baumanis of Mount Brydges, Ontario, who left a generous bequest to AABS at the end of her career as an architect. An award of up to $7,000 is available for any creative project (e.g., book, film, exhibit, etc.) that promotes Baltic studies. Preference will be given to topics with a pan-Baltic or comparative aspect. Applicants must be members of the AABS at the time of application.

Applications will be evaluated by the AABS Grants and Awards Committee headed by AABS VP for Professional Development.

AWARD: Up to $7,000

Application deadline

The deadline for the 2022–2023 Baumanis grant has passed. The deadline for the 2023–2024 Baumanis grant will be announce in the spring of 2023.

The award is available for any creative project (e.g., book, film, exhibit, etc.) that promotes Baltic studies. Preference will be given to topics with a pan-Baltic or comparative aspect.

Application process:

1. Complete the online application form.

2. The application must include a proposal packet (single PDF file, up to 5 pages), which must address the following:

a) The goal(s) of the project

b) The uniqueness or significance of the topic

c) Contribution to the advancement of Baltic Studies

d) Budget for the project (including information about other funding sought or obtained)

e) The anticipated timeline

f) The preparations already undertaken or anticipated

g) The qualifications and experience of the applicant (a 2-page curriculum vitae may be appended instead of or in addition to this section of the proposal)

Supplementary materials may be requested, if the award committee wishes clarification of certain points or examples of previous work by the applicant. Applicants (whether successful or not) may apply to this program only once for a particular project.

The award will be paid in a single installment, in the currency of the recipient’s choice, with the cost of transfer and exchange borne by AABS. Any tax liability in the recipient’s home country is the responsibility of the recipient.

By accepting a Baumanis Grant, the recipient will enter into a binding contract with the AABS to complete the project and submit a report on the outcome. Failure to do so within a year of the applicant’s originally anticipated completion date will result in the automatic conversion of the grant to a loan which must be repaid to the AABS in full, with interest, within three years of the conversion date, unless an application for an extension of the deadline has submitted to the AABS before the year-long grace period expires and is subsequently approved by the AABS award committee.

Thinking of applying? Read reports from past winners here!

Questions should be addressed to Vice President of Professional Development, Dr. Ineta Dabašinskienė, and sent electronically to [email protected].

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