Liisi Veski Awarded 2024-2025 Emerging Scholars Grant

May 26, 2024

The Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies is pleased to announce that Liisi Veski has been awarded the 2024-2025 Research Grant for Emerging Scholars.

The research grants of up to $6,000 support early-career scholars in any field of the Baltic studies. Proposals are evaluated according to the scholarly potential of the applicant and the quality and scholarly importance of the proposed work, especially to the development of Baltic Studies. Funds may be used for travel, duplication, materials, equipment, or other needs as specified.

The 2024 applications were evaluated by the AABS 2023-2024 Grants and Awards Committee consisting of AABS VP for Professional Development Dr. Kaarel Piirimäe, AABS President Dr. Dovilė Budrytė, and AABS Director-at-Large Dr. Daunis Auers. Learn about the other 2024-2025 recipients here.

A smiling woman in a red sweater standing in front of a bookshelf

Liisi Veski is a Research Fellow in the History of Political Thought at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, University of Tartu. In 2022, she obtained her PhD from Central and East European Studies, University of Glasgow. Her research interests include intellectual and political history of interwar Estonia, authoritarian systems in interwar Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), history and theories of nationalism, political dimensions of the Finno-Ugric movement, and transnational transfer of ideas and concepts.


Transnational Authoritarianism in 1930s Estonia: Travelling Concepts, Transformed Institutions, Historical Actors

Project Overview

Liisi Veski will use the grant to continue her research on the intellectual history of authoritarianism in 1930s Estonia, a topic which she first started to explore as part of her previous PhD project. In addition to the specific Estonian case, Veski intends to also take a broader perspective on transnational intellectual links and influences between different authoritarian regimes in the CEE region. By doing so, she aims to take a significant step forward in completing a book manuscript focused on the topic.